Find Answers To Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions Below

How do I know what Brand and Model my fireplace is?
On a direct-vent gas fireplace the brand and model will be posted underneath the fireplaces on a silver sticker. To gain access to this information you will need to lift the bottom louvers of your fireplace. On a wood burning fireplace this information will be placed on a silver tag to the left or right of the screen or inside the firebox just above where the brick stops. You will need to know this information in order to replace any parts and address any specific problems with your fireplace.
Will my direct-vent gas fireplace still turn on if I lose power?
Most commonly, yes, but the fan will not. Fireplaces with a standing pilot will not need batteries but the remote control will not work. Fireplaces with IPI ignition will need batteries. Two D-size batteries must be installed underneath the fireplace near the valve and are good for thirty days.
Why won't my pilot light stay lit?
Normally this is caused by the thermocouple. In order to replace this part you will need to know the Brand and Model of your fireplace.
Why is my glass door sooting?
Technically all fireplaces will soot in time. This is because the vents open to the outside and wind and dirt will get into the fireplace. When you turn on the fireplace the moisture is burned out and the dirt will cling to the glass. For this reason it is suggested that you remove your glass and clean it at least once a year. A second possibility is that something is blocking the flame. The logs could be impinging the flame improperly or there is a possibility that a spider nest or other obstruction in the orifice or burner tube is restricting gas and air flow.
Why am I getting cold air coming in around my fireplace?
First, make sure the glass clips are in place properly. There are most commonly 4 glass clips – two at the top and two at the bottom. Beyond that, your house might not have been insulated properly at the time of the fireplace installation. Stop in or give us a call for further information on how to correct this problem.
I need to replace a piece of my chimney pipe, can I get that from Fireplace Superstore?
Fireplace Superstore sells complete chimney systems; we do not sell pieces of chimney pipe when the system was not initially purchased from us. The exception to this rule is if the brand of chimney pipe you are using is one that we sell. We stock and have access to chimney pipe from MetalFab and Heat & Glo.
Can someone from Fireplace Superstore come to my home and service my fireplace?
If you have a fireplace brand which we sell (Heat & Glo, Quadra-Fire, etc) we will have access to parts and information regarding your fireplace and our trained technicians will be happy to service it.
Does Fireplace Superstore install fireplaces?
Fireplace Superstore can install fireplaces that are sold from our store. If you have purchased a fireplace or stove elsewhere you must contact a contractor if you do not wish to install it yourself.
Is a front required for my direct-vent gas fireplace?
Though some fireplace models are operable without a front, unsightly wires, cords and other components of the fireplace are visible when a front is not placed on it. A front can also provide a unique sense of style to your fireplace as they are available in many different colors and styles.
How much more heat will I get if I have a fan?
None. A fan does not create heat. A fan serves simply to redirect the heat from the area around the fireplace out into the room.
My neighbor and I both have direct-vent gas fireplaces; why is his flame larger than mine?
Each fireplace is constructed differently. If your friend has a different brand of fireplace, or even a different model within the same brand, your flames will not be the same. For this reason, it is important to look at a working version of the fireplace before you buy it. With direct-vent gas fireplaces the log set and flame are specific to the model that you choose and cannot be altered.
I’d like the ease of a direct-vent gas fireplace but I don’t like the obvious vents on the front. Are there direct-vent products available that look more like wood-burning fireplaces?
Some direct-vent gas fireplaces are made with what is called a “clean-face” design. A clean-face fireplace will still have a sealed glass front (all direct vent fireplaces must), however there will be no louvers on the top or the bottom. The Heat & Glo Escape 42 is an example of a clean-face fireplace and comes standard with a mesh pull-screen similar to a real wood-burning fireplace.

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