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Tons of Indoor Fireplace Options

We get it. Even when you buy a new fireplace, you want your living space to be your own—that is, you don’t want it to look like everyone else’s. That’s why the team at Fireplace Superstore takes pride in giving you seemingly endless options for your new fireplace, as well as a selection of bar stools that fit any interior style.

Check out our selection of fireplaces

Chances are, if you’re looking for a new fireplace for your home, it’s been a while. After, a fireplace isn’t exactly something you buy frequently, or even more than a few times in your life. Maybe you don’t really know what your options are. Don’t worry—you have a team of experts with 31 years of experience here to guide you through our fireplace selection.

Do you want that classic fireplace look? We have an enormous selection of standard gas and wood-burning fireplaces that we can easily install in your indoor living space. A simple gas-burning fixture is easy to turn on, give you access to cozy comfort in a matter of minutes.

Some people just prefer the look and feel of wood burning fireplaces, however. Maybe you like feeding and stoking a real fireplace while your family enjoys the comfort of the heat. Whatever your priorities are, we have options for you.

Are your tastes pointing you in the direction of modern-looking electric fireplaces? We offer options in that department as well, including the upscale, contemporary look of Heat & Glo electric units.
Or maybe it’s the opposite, and you really like the way those old coal-burning fireplaces looked as they heated a space. There are now fireplaces with high-quality, modern construction that resemble the old pellet fireplaces of the past. We’re happy to show you every option, and help you narrow down your choices when you stop in to see us!

See something you like? Stop in and ask! Call now (515) 270 5388